Why Join Us?

Why Go After It Alone When You Don't Have To?

We believe that everyone has something to learn, and everyone has something to share.  The society functions by collaborations within its membership and with outside business resources to create questions and share solutions to challenges for the purpose of personal and professional growth.

professional women's network
professional women's network

Our Members

Bluestocking Society members embody the culture, mission and core values of the society, in the spirit of growth and connection, to create and enhance each member’s standing in their respective field.

Is the Society Right For You?

Yes, If You Are Looking For...

  • Safe place to ask questions
  • Place to vent
  • Action plans for your future
  • Relevant information
  • Space to learn
  • Real relationships and networking
  • Purpose on your terms

Yes, If You Are...

  • Passionate about growth
  • Smart and savvy
  • Open and honest
  • Feeling a bit overwhelmed
  • Looking for a trusted circle of peers and advisors
  • Open to looking for and sharing guidance and information

Next Steps...

If this sounds like you, then join us and live your life on your terms!
Take the next step and experience the society for yourself.