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Our Story

Quick self-check: At work, how often do you get to listen attentively, exhale fully, let down your guard, be present with your co-workers, and share your ideas for change? If you are laughing (or maybe a tear came to your eye), you are in the majority.

According to a study of 17,000 U.S. workers in 19 industries who participated in a survey conducted by the nonprofit group Mental Health America and the Faas Foundation, 71 percent of respondents said that they are looking for a new job. And what do we do with all that dissatisfaction in the meantime?

Many of us suffer quietly, after work hours, and even when talking with friends. Some of us may release the pressure by complaining, crying or having adult temper tantrums. Some of us may fight the system with ferocity and willpower. Others of us internalize, swallowing the feelings into silence, frozen in fear, anxiety, and unacknowledged rage. All that self-management often leads to isolation, illness, disease, bracing, chronic frustration, and exhaustion.

Craving a change? And if so, what would that even look like?

Setting boundaries, asking for what we want, being taken seriously, conquering bias and injustice, changing the culture.

When a woman feels heard, honors her experience, shares in the way that is appropriate for her (art, music, work, creation, speech, peaceful silence), and celebrates, she births a new story for herself. Often the circumstances do not change dramatically, and sometimes they do. The story we tell about ourselves about life events is transformed.

Bluestocking Society is VIP access into an environment where all those ways of coping are unjudged (it really is okay!), AND we go further to experience resolution based on self-discovery, emotional release, commitment to a new approach, application of doable change, and practice, practice, practice, but not alone.

The society is a place to come undone, to unravel stories and weave new ones, through constructive and safe interactions. We strive to express ourselves as bravely as we can, initiating actions that are progressively more conscious. This incremental movement reveals that which is natural and purposeful. Women spiral, unpredictably, in circles and swaths and sweeps. Here, that movement is invited, welcome, and celebrated.

You down?


Ask questions and share solutions to professional challenges for your own personal and professional growth.

What's in a name?

A “bluestocking” is an educated, intellectual woman from 18th Century England. These "bluestockings" formed a society in order to create social and political change in a time when that simply wasn’t done. They wanted to replace social evenings with more intellectual pursuits and thus invited the minds of the time to discuss key topics in a loosely formed group (or society). At its inception, the group included men. The society's name came about because an invitee did not have proper attire and was told to attend in his “blue stockings;” the ordinary socks he was wearing at the time. This "come as you are approach" is one that we continue in our reincarnation of the Bluestocking Society. Just as the women before us, we know that everyone has something to add regardless of their style, job title, or current station in life. Join us to rediscover your purpose, on your terms, and gain the tools to live it.

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