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You can find inspiration anywhere – even from an egg.

What a Record-Breaking ‘Egg’ and Its Title of Most-Liked Instagram Post Ever Can Teach Us

2019 is off to an interesting social media start; an egg has become the most liked post on Instagram…ever.  The egg (whose name is Eugene) has over 50 million likes. I repeat…50 million likes. 

While it may be odd to look for inspiration from a photo of an egg, there is a lot that this social media effort shows!  This article, written by Luis Garcia at Entrepreneur.com, discusses the 3 main things that can be learned from this phenomenon.

He says that the three main lessons are: 

             1. Communities are just as powerful as brands
             2. Influencer marketing is a fast way to grow
             3. Meme marketing is on the rise

Check out the article and let us know what you think about the changing landscape of social media influence.  

Also, just for fun, if it wasn’t an egg, what random image do you think could be the next big thing to break the internet?

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