Let’s Give Women Entrepreneurs What They Really Need: a Cheerleader Team

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Articles like these are one of the reasons we decided to start Bluestocking Society – we believe that women need to have a cheerleading time (we call it a tribe) to support one another and to learn from! 

According to this article, only 36% of business in America in 2016 were owned by females even though women outperform men when it comes to ROI.  If women are better at ROI, then why aren’t more women doing it?!

Author Maria Prohazka goes on to discuss why she believes that more women aren’t launching their own business. A couple of reasons that struck a chord with me are that women struggle with lack of self-confidence and the need for constant approval.  

These two topics are universal for women; maybe at different amounts and at different times, but I can guarantee they have touched everyone at some point.  The flip side of this coin is that these negatives can be counteracted be interacting with others with the same level of ambition, finding a tribe where you feel supported and allowing yourself to support others.

Check out this article and let us know in the comments below if you agree or disagree with what Prohazka says.  Also, let’s talk about ways to support others and what kind of support we need to go out there and kick ass in business. 

Click here to check out the article

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