Apparently, you have to talk to strangers to “network”… who knew?

I’m writing this post as I sit hiding in my car while waiting for a friend to meet me to go into a networking event.  To be fair, I actually met her through work and she works with a charity we support so that’s networking right there!  Anyways, back to me hiding like I’ve never talked to a stranger before…

As I sit here, I am trying to figure out where this fear comes from.  Is it because I worry no one is going to be there or they will be cooler than me orrrrrr they will be so boring I can’t stand it?  Why does the fear of unknown peers make me sit in my car and literally hide from an optional event?  They have promised me free fancy cocktails and food!  But alas, I wait for a friend as to not be alone.

Maybe this is why it is hard to make friends as an adult – we are struck with crippling fear and hiding in our never-to-be-paid-off cars too scared to talk to other professionals. I thought we were the entitled, better-than-everyone generation?  Right now I feel like I’m part of the socially awkward, can’t-interact-with-humans generation.  I read an article that technology, between texting and messaging, is causing millennials to lose the social skills needed to interact human to human.

   While I don’t think that I have lost the skills, I would say that my meeting-new-people skills are not what they use to be.

Speaking face-to-face with someone has truly become a daunting task.  I do attribute some of this with getting older and needing less validation from others and thus interacting differently when my focus not purely on being liked.  However, I understand from a business sense that I need to get out there and network.  Honestly, once I actually leave my care and get out there, I am pretty damn good at it.  Following up is another story, but I can make some connections and get some business cars.

Now here’s there point where I should say ok, I’m going to take a deep breath and march right in there.  But I’m not going to say it because I’m not going to do it. 

I’ve accepted that I am going to sit in my car, and we work emails, and enter when I am ready!  And ready I’ll be when I see someone I know…

Can’t win them all

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