10 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019

According to an article on, marketing is facing a seismic shift as we ramp up 2019.  The article highlights 10 key trends to watch but there is one area that I really want to focus on for this post.

The 8th trend on the list is “It’s time to focus on Gen Z.”  Author Deep Patel goes on to say that:

Gen Z is getting older, which means they are beginning to enter the workforce and possess buying power….It is impossible to make monolithic statements about members of the second-youngest generation, but you should remember a few things: they seek authenticity, and they prefer socially responsible businesses. They’re growing up in a scary world and a struggling economy, so they’re more likely to turn to companies that make the world a better place.

These are some bold statements about Gen Z.  While they seem to be positive generalizations, do you think they are accurate and really reflect what is to goals of Gen Z?

How do you think marketers should shift their efforts to best attract Gen Zers to their projects / products?

Would love to hear from some Gen Zers as well!

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