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Making Yourself A Priority – Impossible?

I suck at making myself my own priority; literally I suck at it.  I try so hard to do things for myself, yet I only succeed in taking care of others.

Whether it is something as easy as tracking my nutrition, getting a manicure or even bigger like getting a full night’s sleep or signing up that dang class I really want to take, I constantly put other people needs in front of my own.   By the time I am done helping everyone around me, I am too exhausted both emotionally and physically to do anything for myself.

I feel like I am living my life with the caveat that I will have time to do it tomorrow.  Everything for me is tomorrow, yet everything for everyone else is right now…that seems like a silly way to spend my time on earth.

How many times have you pushed other people’s needs in front of your own?  How many times did you give up on sleep for something someone else could handle but you took it upon yourself to do it?  Why do we do this?  How do we stop doing it?

I’m going to start saying no.  I can’t just be a yes person to everyone.  It doesn’t work – I am exhausted and grumpy!  By saying no sometimes, we are really saying yes to ourselves.  

If anyone deserves our yes, it is ourselves.  Our energy should go to things that make our life feel well-lived and valued.  Yes sometimes that means we will be tired but that also means we will be tired from doing the things we love and our souls will be full!  Waking up refreshed and wanting to take on the day ahead, is worth the awkwardness of saying no sometimes.

So that’s my goal: to say no.  I deserve to say no to others and yes to myself.  Those around me deserve to have my full attention and desire to help, and not me being grumpy and feeling like I am doing something out of guilt or annoyance.  From here on out, I am my PRIORITY.  My well being, my happiness, my laughter, my goals, my dreams, my career, my soul – MY PRIORITIES.

It isn’t selfish – it is self-care; that is my new mantra.

Have you ever felt that you were last on your priorities?  Have you had success in re-evaluating and readjusting?

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