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Five Podcasts for When You Need a Little Career Inspiration

In today’s world of constant noise and information, the need for multitasking and somehow still not a not enough time, podcasts are...

Investing in yourself – the only investment you should be making but most likely aren’t.

Investing in yourself - the only investment you should be making but most likely aren't.   How come many of us don’t bat...

Anxiety – Please F off. Thanks!

Oh anxiety. So great to see you, can you please leave and never come back?  Thank you! Ugh, only if it were that...

Work causes stress…who knew!?

In today’s “no shit” headline, we have Work is the Top Cause of Stress. According to a UK study by the Mental...

Mentors: Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

According to an article by Kailynn Bowling on Forbes.com, mentorships are more important than ever to women in the workplace. Mentoring helps women...

Gillette…Genius or Alienating?

Have you seen the new Gillette commercial? With almost ten million views, it is quickly becoming a viral sensation.

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